Strange sequence of dreaming: met Kim Gordon at a party in North Philadelphia, flirting with her, her inviting me back to her place to hang out, and then getting lost, trying to find my way to public transportation. The public trans in my dream was operating as a system of ski lifts, both larger enclosed cars and open air personal chairs. There were then a series of check points along the way with tariffs required to pass those points. At one point, I had to allow the guards to sever my right hand, I suppose as a tariff, but later in the dream it was reattached by surgeons. Found myself out there again, in North Philly, looking for a way back home after the trains had stopped running. No Kim Gordon this time, but late, having trouble getting back. Went past a park in Melrose, floating on one of the external ski lift chairs high above snow covered trees and rocky terrain and almost fell out of my seat and plummeted to my death, hanging onto the edge of the chair for dear life. Eventually the chair came close to the ground and I leapt off into a playground. Now it was summertime and there were kids and teens playing basketball and soccer nearby. The park was a park closest to my house, and across the creek next to it, I could see the field where I played baseball as a kid. A strong breeze picked up and started blowing the tall trees lining the side of the field nearly sideways, and I warned the people playing that they would fall, but no one fled and eventually one of the trees cracked and fell over. At the end of the dream I was collecting birch tree branches to try and make fishing rods out of, because I’d been transported to the time of settlers. I was trying to figure out the language as well, worrying about how my use of language wouldn’t fit in because I was from the future. At some point in the dream, I had downloaded both Uber and Lyft apps to my phone but never tried using either to get home.